Sunday, July 17, 2011

Facebook is my favorite site!

I don't know how there are people out there without a facebook account.. but there are, my sister and friend Kevin being two of them!  Both don't believe in sharing info however Erica will want to use my passwords to get on and look around and Kevin will say oh I didn't know blah blah blah, I reply well Kevin if you had a facebook account you would know this.  Ya Ya Ya is all I get, someday he will catch up with the Jones, he is just slow at it.  Anywho, I love Facebook!  I am part of alot of groups, and love to keep up with new and old friends!  On another note, its Sunday my friend Jen's birthday..Happy Birthday Jen Boezi!  Also I am excited to say that Little Elliot has slept through the night for 3 nights in a row now!  YAH Elliot..good little boy!  Oh can I tell you mom's about a product I love that I wish I had with Lucy..  Lovey Dud's!!  so much better than a Baby Bjorn, and better for the baby!  Elliot loves being so snug as a bug and Im hands free, cool styles too, it was recommended to me from a mom who swore by it and I know why..for all you mom's with new babies..start wearing them and check this out!  I will try and post a pic soon of me and Elliot!
Well have lots to do today on this Sunny Sunday, gotta go wake up Lucy now.. Have a good day and chat with you all soon!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Today I have decided to give blogging a try!

Well here is my first post, no followers yet..but hopeful!  I wanted to start a blog because I love sharing info as well as getting info especially when it comes to kids and other mommy's advice!  I came up with the name because its two things I love..Being a Mom and the color purple, those of you who know me can attest! I don't know how much I will keep up with this, with a 2 month old and a almost 2 year old can be tough, but I will try.  So as I get better I will add more, but for now, Hello, My name is Tarah!  I love my family and the color purple!